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Bidirectional communication with "Starter"- version or other version possible?

Leon 2 years ago in Game4Automation Starter and Professional updated by Support 2 years ago 4


I would like to create a digital twin of an already existing system, which is using a S7-1500 controller.

Is the basic version capable to create a bidirectional communication between the digital twin and the real system?

Does a change in state of the physical object directly lead to a change in state of the digital twin and the other way around?



Support 2 years ago

Hi Leon,

1) yes this is the case. In Professional there is the 3MF interface included (since yesterday). You can directly import from all CAD-Systems which are able to export 3MF. Professional will get aditional features fur the 3MF interface like Updating, Mesh reduction .....

2) Yes you only need to buy and use PixYZ if you want to import the mentioned formats. Which CAD System are you using. For Solidworks we will have soon addtional export functions (as Solidworks makro) which will be more than what PIXYZ is able to do (like export kinematics).

3) Yes, 3MF with Game4Automation Professional - the rest is standard unity.

4) Yes it is. The 3MF interface is just a script attached to a GameObject. You can use it also in Runtime (during simulation).

Best regards