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Not a bug

Import von .STEP mit UTF-16 codierung fehler

daniel.mittermeier 7 months ago in CADLink updated by Support 7 months ago 3

Ich bekomme einen Fehler wenn ich versuche eine .STEP Datei mit UTF-16 Encoding zu öffnen. Ist das ein Fehler im Coding oder wird UTF-16 nicht supported?

Leider kann ich die STEP Datei nicht mitschicken, da diese rechtlich geschützt ist.

Hier die Fehlermeldung:
Error: UTF-16 to UTF-8 conversion failed because the input string is invalid
UnityEngine.Object:set_name (string)
cadex.UnityModelWG_ProductStructureConverter:SetName (UnityEngine.GameObject,cadex.ModelData_SceneGraphElement)
cadex.UnityModelWG_ProductStructureConverter:Visit (UnityEngine.GameObject,cadex.ModelData_SceneGraphElement,bool)
cadex.UnityModelWG_ProductStructureConverter:Apply (cadex.ModelData_Part)
cadex.ModelData_Part:Accept (cadex.ModelData_Model/ElementVisitor)
cadex.ModelData_SceneGraphElement:Accept (cadex.ModelData_Model/ElementVisitor)
cadex.ModelData_Instance:Accept (cadex.ModelData_Model/ElementVisitor)
cadex.ModelData_SceneGraphElement:Accept (cadex.ModelData_Model/ElementVisitor)
cadex.ModelData_Assembly:Accept (cadex.ModelData_Model/ElementVisitor)
cadex.ModelData_SceneGraphElement:Accept (cadex.ModelData_Model/ElementVisitor)
cadex.ModelData_Instance:Accept (cadex.ModelData_Model/ElementVisitor)
cadex.ModelData_SceneGraphElement:Accept (cadex.ModelData_Model/ElementVisitor)
cadex.ModelData_Assembly:Accept (cadex.ModelData_Model/ElementVisitor)
cadex.ModelData_SceneGraphElement:Accept (cadex.ModelData_Model/ElementVisitor)
cadex.ModelData_Model:Accept (cadex.ModelData_Model/ElementVisitor)
cadex.UnityModelWG_ModelConverter:Convert (cadex.ModelData_Model)
cadex.Unity_ObjectFactoryImpl:Perform (cadex.ModelData_Model,string)
cadex.Unity_ObjectFactory:Create (cadex.ModelData_Model,string)
cadimport:ImportCadData (string,bool,string,single,single,single)
game4automation.CADLink:ImportCadData () (at Assets/game4automation/CADLink/private/CADLink.cs:354)
game4automation.CADLink:ImportCad () (at Assets/game4automation/CADLink/private/CADLink.cs:182)
System.Reflection.MethodBase:Invoke (object,object[])
game4automationtools.Editor.NaughtyEditorGUI:Button (UnityEngine.Object,System.Reflection.MethodInfo) (at Assets/game4automation/CADLink/private/NaughtyAttributes/Scripts/Editor/Utility/NaughtyEditorGUI.cs:179)
game4automationtools.Editor.NaughtyInspector:DrawButtons (bool) (at Assets/game4automation/CADLink/private/NaughtyAttributes/Scripts/Editor/NaughtyInspector.cs:188)
game4automationtools.Editor.NaughtyInspector:OnInspectorGUI () (at Assets/game4automation/CADLink/private/NaughtyAttributes/Scripts/Editor/NaughtyInspector.cs:52)
UnityEngine.GUIUtility:ProcessEvent (int,intptr,bool&) 


Unable to Create New Material Mapping

pfry 7 months ago in CADLink updated 7 months ago 1

So I can import a 3MF file created with SolidWorks; however, the result import in Unity appears as a bright violet version of the object. I also just tried manually importing the toy car sample 3MF and the colors were transferred properly. This leads me to believe I need to define a material mapping which I am unable to do within the CADLNK Unity asset features.

I am trying to follow the instructions here https://game4automation.com/documentation/current/cadlink.html#3MF-Import-Settings and see if designing my own material mapping will resolve the issue. However, when I click on the "Create New Material Mapping" button I get the following error

IndexOutOfRangeException: Index was outside the bounds of the array.
game4automation.CADLink.CreateAsset[T] () (at Assets/game4automation/CADLink/private/CADLink.cs:750)
game4automation.CADLink.CreateMeaterialMapping () (at Assets/game4automation/CADLink/private/CADLink.cs:86)

The line of problem is 

var find = AssetDatabase.FindAssets("StandardMaterialMapping t:ScriptableObject");

string path = AssetDatabase.GUIDToAssetPath(find[0]);

I'm guessing the issue is that when I import the CADLINK asset the "StandardMaterialMapping" is not included. I am struggling to find any further documents outlining the details of what a material map looks like. Is there no default option which just takes the color defined in the 3MF file and uses that to create the unity material? I thought that would be the default and was the main appeal of asset. 

Please let me know if there is something I am doing incorrectly, because I'm looking through all the available documentation and other forum responses to try and figure out what is going on.

Not a bug

Main Menu Bar Item not added

pfry 7 months ago in CADLink updated by Support 7 months ago 5

Unity Editor Version 2019.4.21f1 LTS

Asset CADLINK https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/tools/modeling/game4automation-cadlink-150559?aid=1101l3b93&utm_source=aff

Looking at the documentation here https://game4automation.com/documentation/current/index.html

either the documentation is outdated, or I am having an issue getting the main menu bar item for the game4automation to appear on my editor.

There are conflicting screenshots showing that upon importing the asset it will create a "Tools > game4automation" in the main menu bar, and others showing that the "game4autmation" item will appear in the top level main menu bar. Neither of these are created when I import from the asset store.

I saw previous forum posts stating to use LTS versions of Unity. Should I be on the 2020 LTS version now?


Change the model from CADLink to a prefab (MU)

zhou zhou 11 months ago in CADLink updated 11 months ago 2


 I use CADLink importing a model into scene and want to make a MU.  How to change it to a prefab quickly ? Thanks so much.

Not a bug

Cadlink building problem

zhou zhou 12 months ago in CADLink updated by Support 12 months ago 1


 Game4automation  2019.08,Unity 2019.4.12f1  . Some cadlink errors when building .


Support 12 months ago

First picture shows that your project was still importing something and not ready to build. 

I am able to build this scene based on the current release.

You need to make sure that cadimport is not part of your build because it is an editor only function and uses editor classes.

Usually it is done by excluding cadimport in the dll settings. This should be the case in your project. Maybe you referenced cadimport.dll somewhere in your scripts and this is why the build is not running. Please check what you added or changed in difference to the current release.



ttalboys 12 months ago in CADLink updated by Support 11 months ago 21

No matter what I do I can't get materials from Solidworks into Unity through this tool. What am I doing wrong? I am saving the files with materials checked. This tool is seriously compromised without being able to import with materials. Thank You.

Support 12 months ago

Mai is info@game4automation.com


CADLink and Solid Edge

Andrew Sherlock 2 years ago in CADLink updated by Support 2 years ago 13

We are having issues with models generated from Solid Edge. Assembly positions and part colours don't always seem to be respected.

I note that the documentation mentions similar issues with NX and that a fix is due soon. Will something similar for Solid Edge available?


Support 2 years ago

Hi Andy, oh sorry. Yes you can remove this line.

Give us a good feedback in the Unity Store if you are happy with our solution. Thanks.