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ttalboys vor 1 vor einem Tag in CADLink aktualisiert Vor 7 Stunden 5

No matter what I do I can't get materials from Solidworks into Unity through this tool. What am I doing wrong? I am saving the files with materials checked. This tool is seriously compromised without being able to import with materials. Thank You.

Thomas Vor 21 Stunden

What kind of material or color information do you get on the TreeMFPart scripts after import?

What versions of Solidworks are you using?


CADLink and Solid Edge

Andrew Sherlock vor 1 vor einem Jahr in CADLink aktualisiert von Thomas vor 1 vor einem Jahr 13

We are having issues with models generated from Solid Edge. Assembly positions and part colours don't always seem to be respected.

I note that the documentation mentions similar issues with NX and that a fix is due soon. Will something similar for Solid Edge available?


Thomas vor 1 vor einem Jahr

Hi Andy, oh sorry. Yes you can remove this line.

Give us a good feedback in the Unity Store if you are happy with our solution. Thanks.