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help for reading values from opcua server

Yulong Ding vor 10 Monaten in OPCUA4Unity aktualisiert von Thomas vor 10 Monaten 5

I bought the OPCUA4UNITY asset recently, then I set up a simple opcua server with python-opcua (code is here). It’s able to connect the server, import the nodes, but there is no data showing in the inspector when I click the “Update Node” button.

I tried to debug in VS. It seems the "Value" property of opcNode is missing.

Then I used OPC watch, the value can be read.

I also tried other opcua servers, like UA-.NETStandard has the same problem and another problem is it cannot import all the nodes in unity.

For “OPC UA C++ Demo Server V1.7.0” server, value can be read correctly, but it cannot import all the nodes in unity.

I have struggled several days, please help me, thanks a lot!

Thomas vor 10 Monaten

I have found the problem. It will be included in the next release. I will send you a patch via mail!


Display NodeID value as text in Unity

allenlimofficial vor 10 Monaten in OPCUA4Unity aktualisiert von Thomas vor 10 Monaten 3

Hello. I have since bought your OPCUA4Unity, and followed your tutorials in the YouTube video. I wish to refer to your Text with Delegate text. I tried doing the same thing but i am unable to output anything to my game. I am able to type in the "Text From OPCUA Node" and it comes out in the game. May I know how did you connect the script to the string that you wanted for display? 

In my case, I wish to reference it to the "Value". I have tested running your OPCUA_Node and Interface and they work well (sweet!) but as we know it does not show up in the game scene. So I hope you may advise me on what are the steps needed. Thank you!

Thomas vor 10 Monaten


a few questions from my side to understand the problem.

Did you checked the NodeID you want to display the text from with an OPC UA Browser (you can find several in the internet).

Is the text displaying if you use an OPCUA_Node Script - the text should be sown under value?

If both things can be answered yes the communication is correct and it is just a programming issue on your side.

What I am wondering about is, that your NodeID is called "Counter1". It seems more that it is not of type string. Maype you missed to convert the integer to a string?

Best regards