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PARTS4CAD don't open

efrensilveyra vor 1 Monat in Parts4Cad aktualisiert vor 2 Wochen 13

Hi I buy the  game4automation starter and I download the parts4cad from the asset store.

And I import the parts4cad in the project where is the game4automation,and I click in the game4automation tab > Cadenas parts4cad and it doesn't star the parts4cad software. Do I need another thing? Here is a screenshot.


Thomas vor 2 Wochen

Hi, sorry I have still no idea. We have about 40 downloads a month and no similar problems with other users. 

Please try to put the following command file into your Streaming Assets folder (Assets/StreamingAssets/parts4cad)


Now try to start it by douple clicking on it with the windows exporer. Do you see any error messages. Is the cadenas client opening?

Best regards