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PeterFischer vor 2 Monaten aktualisiert von Thomas vor 1 Monat 5


I appreciate the direction of where the development of G4A is going. I am wondering if there are any plans to fully implement and support AutomationML. It is one of the designated open standards for I4.0 data exchange protocol. There is already support for the cadenas catalogue which uses AutomationML, but that only includes the import of CAD (COLLADA) files if I'm not mistaken. So, are there any plans for also supporting/directly importing AML files that also integrate topology (CAEX), kinematics, behaviour and logic (PLCOpen XML)?

Thomas vor 1 Monat

yes sure, just call me!


Game4Automation Professional

worder vor 3 Monaten aktualisiert von Thomas vor 3 Monaten 2

Can I use my account to log on to the company and my home computer for authorization?

Thomas vor 3 Monaten

You can do so, but you are not allowed to use one Unity or Game4Automation license on two computers at same time.