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Runtime UI

steward 1 month ago 0

I love this asset, it's awesome, however, I want to show the number range slider in the runtime inspector. I have seen that the Runtime Inspector & Hierarchy has updated and it can show the number range slider in the inspector, so could you update the runtime UI?


Connection Problem

Soulya 6 months ago updated by Support 5 months ago 3

game4automation: Object [Siemens S7] TCP : Connection Error: Siemens S7 (game4automation.S7Interface)

UnityEngine.Logger:LogError (string,object)

game4automation.Game4AutomationBehavior:Error (string,object) (at Assets/game4automation/private/Game4AutomationBehavior.cs:496)

game4automation.S7Interface:ConnectS7 () (at Assets/game4automation/private/Interfaces/S7TCPIP/S7Interface.cs:496)

game4automation.S7Interface:CheckConnection () (at Assets/game4automation/private/Interfaces/S7TCPIP/S7Interface.cs:478)

game4automation.S7InterfaceEditor:OnInspectorGUI () (at Assets/game4automation/private/Interfaces/S7TCPIP/Editor/S7InterfaceEditor.cs:31)

UnityEngine.GUIUtility:ProcessEvent (int,intptr,bool&)

How to solv this Problem?

Support 5 months ago

You could youse PLCSIM Advanced or PLCSIM with NetToPLCSim (https://mirror-networking.com/docs/).

Second solution should work but it is not officially supported.

Under review

PLCSIM interface

Kévin 7 months ago updated 4 months ago 7

It is normal that the connection between PLCSIM interface and PLCSIM advanced is hard to connect?

The first connection work each time when I click play in Unity. However the next connection is realy random and most of the time it is not easy to connect. I have to restrat Unity or the PC.

Support 5 months ago

Yes, Just checked the PLCSIM Advanced interface intensively yesterday and I was not able to see any connection problems. If you still have problems, please send us your PLCSIMAdvanced memory card content, the TIA Portal project and the full Unity project and I will check on my computer.


Kinematic script

Roberto Fonte 8 months ago updated by Support 8 months ago 1

Hello , 

I´m tryng to integrate a robot  Universal Robotic . 

I´m follow this tutorial  

My problem is the when i put one drive on second i can´t move the center to a new position with kinematic

Kinematic Script


Support 8 months ago

Please try to set empty game objects to the correct rotation positions and don't use move center in this case.


Import Signal TwinCATInterface Array

Othman 9 months ago updated 8 months ago 2

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,

ich möchte gerne Array Variabelen von TwinCAT impotieren (siehe Abbildungen), könnten Sie mir ein paar Tipps geben?

Mit freundlichen Grüßen


Support 9 months ago

Arrays werden aktuell leider nicht unterstützt.

Beste Grüße

Thomas Strigl



reem elshenawy 10 months ago updated by Support 10 months ago 1

OPCUA - The secure channel has been closed: Remote side closed connection


json and value

Fahrul Rozi 11 months ago updated by Support 11 months ago 7


i want to start simulation on CMM robot , i use json data

the data like this

{"mc_access": false, "chuck5": false, "unlock_chuck": false}

how to connect value(true/false) with this robot?

can you explaine with game4automation ?

Support 11 months ago

Our product should be enough proof.

With some basic Unity and C# knowledge it should be possible to do what you need. Do you know C# and Unity?

Are you a private person or a company? If you are a private person support needs to be paid in advance per credit card.

Please send me your full contact data for a full offer.


MQTT + game4automation

Fahrul Rozi 11 months ago updated by Support 10 months ago 2

hi i have a problem with mqtt+game4automation

i buy your asset plugin

i received data from MQTT Broker,and that is json format(like screenshot)
i want to add this coordinat to 3D object(fanuc robot yellow)

can you help me?

so my goal is real robot simulation with robot on unity via MQTT

please reply soon

Support 10 months ago

Hi, this is possible. Some programming / scripting is necessary from your side. What kind of MQTT Asst are you using inside Unity?

MQTT interface is planned later on this year. Please understand that we can't provide for free individual support. 

You could purchase a support budget and we could do what you need within this budget.


VR in Game4Automation

Pablo Navarrete 1 year ago updated by Support 1 year ago 1

Hello forum

I bought an Oculus Quest 2 headset last week and I would like to know if its possible to connect it to the demo of Game4Automation.

Is there any resource about how to use VR in Game4Automation?

Thanks in advance and please, try to translate the menu of the forum cause we all arent german :)

Support 1 year ago

Hello Pablo,

G4A is fully compatible with more or less all VR/AR solutions you can find for Unity.

you should follow the Occulus Documentation:


Or you could use Steam - the advantage with Steam is that it works with most VR headsets on the market:


At the end, you need to integrate with all that VR Applications some standard Assets in your project and in your scene some standard components like VR Camera, Teleport and so on. You will need to deactivate or delete the G4A Camera because camera movement will be replaced by the VR application.

Maybe I will do soon an official tutorial about that. But if you follow the VR documentations and tutorials on the web you should be able to do that.

And sorry, did not notice, the forum is now also in English...

Best regards



Chain rotation is bugged

SMF - 3PTechnology 1 year ago updated 1 year ago 8

I implemented your chain script as descript in https://game4automation.com/documentation/current/chain.html and as you have done in the scene DemoChain. The rotation of my chain elements are not correct and jumps at some points along the chain. All my anchers and all their tangent have rotation (0,0,0). I don't understand what I have done wrong. 

Support 1 year ago

I don't know exactly how you would like to align the objects. But playing around with the Align Object and the rotation of the geometry in your Chain Element should do the job. Please check the video: