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Need Help Connecting to RobotStudio From Unity

Sharpworks Vor 20 Stunden in realvirtual.io Starter and Professional aktualisiert von Support Vor 3 Stunden 1

I have the professional version of realvirtual.io but I am very new to this type of software. I am trying to connect my unity build to RobotStudio but I cannot figure out how to connect the I/O signals needed. I first followed this YouTube tutorial on defining robot kinematics, so I have my robot set up in Unity. 

Now that I finished this tutorial I started following the documentation on connecting to RobotStudio here https://realvirtual.io/documentation/current/abb.html#ABB-RobotStudio

The part I am stuck at is the final steps under "Interface Configuration in Unity" shown here.

I have the SIMITConnection module set up in RobotStudio but I don't know what signals I need to replicate or how to name them based on my configuration. I also don't know if I need the actual program SIMIT or not. Can someone provide a more detailed explanation of the step-by-step process I need to do to complete this setup? Thank you!

Support Vor 3 Stunden

I have seen that some picutre links are broken in our documentation. We will try to fix this.

It is important that there are no empty not defined memroy regions in the shared memory. If needed you could use empty signals which you are not using. For signals that should be matched there is a naming convention. Please also check here ABB help as well as the video below.

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Drive with transport surface not working.

Bo Adam vor 3 Wochen in realvirtual.io Starter and Professional aktualisiert vor weniger als einer Minute 13


I have a rotating and lifting transport surface. It takes the carrier when it rotates and lifts, but the carrier doesn't move when I jog forward or backward. 

The same carrier works on a different transport unit that is built in the same way, so I know it is not the carrier that is the problem. 
The drive chains move with the rotating platform as desired.

I've added pictues to show the turning lift, I hope you can help me with the moving of the carrier problem!

Support vor 3 Wochen

Hi Bo, no we are missing all the colliders and meshes if you just send the prefab without dependencies.

Best would be that you zip your whole example project (before please delete the Library folder). After this you could upload here:


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Could I write I0.0 into PLCSIM?

Stupiddog vor 3 Wochen in realvirtual.io Starter and Professional aktualisiert vor 3 Wochen 2

Hello Thomas,I can connect Unity to PLCSIM S7-1200 CPU via nettoplcsim,and I can read Q0.0 and write I100.0,but I can't write I0.0,what should I do if I want write I0.0 from Unity to PLCSIM?Thank you very much。I have set Get/Put and export Symbol Table,but I can't write I0.0 into PLCSIM,if Iwant to make a virtual PLC like this,what should I do?

Support vor 3 Wochen

Hi, this issue is not known from our side. Are you sure that you are not overwriting I0.0 from somewhere else?


First person and orbit controls problem

wujustin809 vor 2 Monaten in realvirtual.io Starter and Professional aktualisiert von Support vor 1 Monat 4

Hey team! I just had a quick question regarding the cameras in the game4automation demo scene. 

I am trying to turn on the first person camera provided to us but unfortunately it is not working properly. What I want is the user to be able to walk around the game4automation scene in first person view and also have the full functionality of the normal orbit controls the scene currently has. May you please give me some instructions on how to do this? There seems to be no documentation about this. If the above is not possible, how can one turn on the first person controls and once a camera is clicked such as 1 or 2, orbit controls are turned on while first person is turned off. Then there needs to be an option to turn first person controls back on again. This is taking me much longer than it should where I believe it should be a simple fix on my end so I truly appreciate the help. Thank you in advance!

Support vor 1 Monat

1) We did not planned to support jumps. You could build your own logic by changing Assets/game4automation/private/RuntimeUI/FirstPersonController.cs

2) You could use this function and your own custom script for doing this:



Dies ist eine Frage zur Änderung der Farbe des Konveyor-Teils.

Mr Jin vor 3 Monaten in realvirtual.io Starter and Professional aktualisiert von Support vor 2 Monaten 4

Hallo. Ich benutze Game4Automation Simulation gut. Ich möchte wissen, wie man die Farbe eines Conveyor-Teils ändern kann.

Support vor 2 Monaten

You just need to drag and drop a material with the wished color on the mesh of the frame.


Problems with Transformation of Chains

Nicola Lienhöft vor 3 Monaten in realvirtual.io Starter and Professional aktualisiert von Support vor 3 Monaten 5


I created a chain with chain elements and it is working fine. Now I tried to make a copy and turn it around 90°Z. Some of the chain elements are now moving in a wrong direction, but not reproduceable. Even if I create a new spline and replace all scripts, it is not working corrrectly. Shifting along the axes works, but turning is not possible.
Does someone know a trick?

Support vor 3 Monaten

Can you send us your example and we will check it.

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OPCUA doesnt connnect on unity executable

mcouso vor 3 Monaten in realvirtual.io Starter and Professional aktualisiert von Support vor 3 Monaten 7


i have been working on a project that uses OPCUA to get some data from a server and when I execut it on the editor of Unity everything works fine but when I try to make the executable for windows platforms, in the executable doesn't connect to the server. Do I need to use any special settings to do the build on Windows?

Please if someone could help me with this I would really apreciate it. Thank you

Support vor 3 Monaten

Hard to say. Are you able to get the Log data when you start it as a compiled version. There should be no special settings you need to consider. You could also use this Asset to get  the Console Log in the Unity Player Window:



Problem after import game4automation assert

Tobias Berle vor 4 Monaten in realvirtual.io Starter and Professional aktualisiert vor 4 Monaten 7


I have a problem with the game4automation assets. My first project works very well but now I started a new one and after I installed the game4automation again I could add the game4automation asset again to this new project. But I have no tab in the menu bar from game4automation and in the console following errors:

Assets\game4automation\Professional\LogicStep_CinemachineCamera.cs(5,7): error CS0246: The type or namespace name 'Cinemachine' could not be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)

Assets\game4automation\private\Game4AutomationController.cs(17,7): error CS0246: The type or namespace name 'Cinemachine' could not be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)

Assets\game4automation\Professional\LogicStep_CinemachineCamera.cs(21,42): error CS0246: The type or namespace name 'CinemachineBlendDefinition' could not be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)

1. Question:
Do I must install the game4automation asset every time when I start a new project?

After I saved it and opened the cell again I got following error:

If I press "Enter Safe Mode" it shows me the same error.

After I close the safe mode it loads some parts from game4automation. In the tab I have the new one with game4automation but only one entry and in the project I lose my game4automation asset.

What can I do to bring game4automation to run?

Or what do I wrong?

Best Tobias

Support vor 4 Monaten

I see, you seem to use latest beta - which has a bug and is not working without Cinemachine - please use the latest official release (2020.15).


Problem with collisions

Bo Adam vor 4 Monaten in realvirtual.io Starter and Professional aktualisiert von Support vor 1 Monat 7


It's me again, I have a problem with a MU, I "spawn" This mu onto a transport surface in g4atransport. It stays in position and can be gripped by the gripper. But when the gripper places it into a warehouse (With a mesh collider) It just falls through the warehouse and floor.
Below are the warehouse settings and the carrier (MU) settings

Support vor 1 Monat

It is hard to say what your problem is - everything should work out the box. Can you send your project with a description where the problem occurs and I will directly check in your projet.


Unity Editor NullReferenceException when clicking on GameObjects

AndreS vor 4 Monaten in realvirtual.io Starter and Professional aktualisiert von Support vor 2 Monaten 3


i am experiencing NullReferenceExceptions and out of Bounds - Debug.LogErrors in the Unity Editor with the Game4Automation Professional Package installed.

Steps to recreate the behaviour are 

- take a empty project

- import the G4A Professional 2020.15 package

- click on the "PlasticBox" Gameobject

You will be flooded with following errors:

Retrieving array element that was out of bounds
UnityEditor.SerializedProperty:GetArrayElementAtIndex (int)
NaughtyAttributes.Editor.ReorderableListPropertyDrawer/<>c__DisplayClass6_0:b__2 (int) (at Assets/game4automation/private/Tools/NaughtyAttributes/Editor/PropertyDrawers_SpecialCase/ReorderableListPropertyDrawer.cs:78)
UnityEditorInternal.ReorderableList:CacheIfNeeded ()
UnityEditorInternal.ReorderableList:GetListElementHeight ()
UnityEditorInternal.ReorderableList:DoLayoutList ()
NaughtyAttributes.Editor.ReorderableListPropertyDrawer:OnGUI_Internal (UnityEngine.Rect,UnityEditor.SerializedProperty,UnityEngine.GUIContent) (at Assets/game4automation/private/Tools/NaughtyAttributes/Editor/PropertyDrawers_SpecialCase/ReorderableListPropertyDrawer.cs:89)
NaughtyAttributes.Editor.SpecialCasePropertyDrawerBase:OnGUI (UnityEngine.Rect,UnityEditor.SerializedProperty) (at Assets/game4automation/private/Tools/NaughtyAttributes/Editor/PropertyDrawers_SpecialCase/SpecialCasePropertyDrawerBase.cs:32)
NaughtyAttributes.Editor.NaughtyEditorGUI:PropertyField_Implementation (UnityEngine.Rect,UnityEditor.SerializedProperty,bool,NaughtyAttributes.Editor.NaughtyEditorGUI/PropertyFieldFunction) (at Assets/game4automation/private/Tools/NaughtyAttributes/Editor/Utility/NaughtyEditorGUI.cs:47)
NaughtyAttributes.Editor.NaughtyEditorGUI:PropertyField_Layout (UnityEditor.SerializedProperty,bool) (at Assets/game4automation/private/Tools/NaughtyAttributes/Editor/Utility/NaughtyEditorGUI.cs:29)
NaughtyAttributes.Editor.NaughtyInspector:DrawSerializedProperties () (at Assets/game4automation/private/Tools/NaughtyAttributes/Editor/NaughtyInspector.cs:87)
NaughtyAttributes.Editor.NaughtyInspector:OnInspectorGUI () (at Assets/game4automation/private/Tools/NaughtyAttributes/Editor/NaughtyInspector.cs:47)
UnityEngine.GUIUtility:ProcessEvent (int,intptr,bool&)

NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
UnityEditor.PropertyHandler.GetHeight (UnityEditor.SerializedProperty property, UnityEngine.GUIContent label, System.Boolean includeChildren) (at <3371b3e2e5754acd87e600e068350da5>:0)
UnityEditor.EditorGUI.GetPropertyHeightInternal (UnityEditor.SerializedProperty property, UnityEngine.GUIContent label, System.Boolean includeChildren) (at <3371b3e2e5754acd87e600e068350da5>:0)
UnityEditor.EditorGUI.GetPropertyHeight (UnityEditor.SerializedProperty property, UnityEngine.GUIContent label, System.Boolean includeChildren) (at <3371b3e2e5754acd87e600e068350da5>:0)
UnityEditor.EditorGUI.GetPropertyHeight (UnityEditor.SerializedProperty property) (at <3371b3e2e5754acd87e600e068350da5>:0)
NaughtyAttributes.Editor.ReorderableListPropertyDrawer+<>c__DisplayClass6_0.b__2 (System.Int32 index) (at Assets/game4automation/private/Tools/NaughtyAttributes/Editor/PropertyDrawers_SpecialCase/ReorderableListPropertyDrawer.cs:78)
UnityEditorInternal.ReorderableList.CacheIfNeeded () (at <3371b3e2e5754acd87e600e068350da5>:0)
UnityEditorInternal.ReorderableList.GetListElementHeight () (at <3371b3e2e5754acd87e600e068350da5>:0)
UnityEditorInternal.ReorderableList.DoLayoutList () (at <3371b3e2e5754acd87e600e068350da5>:0)
NaughtyAttributes.Editor.ReorderableListPropertyDrawer.OnGUI_Internal (UnityEngine.Rect rect, UnityEditor.SerializedProperty property, UnityEngine.GUIContent label) (at Assets/game4automation/private/Tools/NaughtyAttributes/Editor/PropertyDrawers_SpecialCase/ReorderableListPropertyDrawer.cs:89)
NaughtyAttributes.Editor.SpecialCasePropertyDrawerBase.OnGUI (UnityEngine.Rect rect, UnityEditor.SerializedProperty property) (at Assets/game4automation/private/Tools/NaughtyAttributes/Editor/PropertyDrawers_SpecialCase/SpecialCasePropertyDrawerBase.cs:32)
NaughtyAttributes.Editor.NaughtyEditorGUI.PropertyField_Implementation (UnityEngine.Rect rect, UnityEditor.SerializedProperty property, System.Boolean includeChildren, NaughtyAttributes.Editor.NaughtyEditorGUI+PropertyFieldFunction propertyFieldFunction) (at Assets/game4automation/private/Tools/NaughtyAttributes/Editor/Utility/NaughtyEditorGUI.cs:47)
NaughtyAttributes.Editor.NaughtyEditorGUI.PropertyField_Layout (UnityEditor.SerializedProperty property, System.Boolean includeChildren) (at Assets/game4automation/private/Tools/NaughtyAttributes/Editor/Utility/NaughtyEditorGUI.cs:29)
NaughtyAttributes.Editor.NaughtyInspector.DrawSerializedProperties () (at Assets/game4automation/private/Tools/NaughtyAttributes/Editor/NaughtyInspector.cs:87)
NaughtyAttributes.Editor.NaughtyInspector.OnInspectorGUI () (at Assets/game4automation/private/Tools/NaughtyAttributes/Editor/NaughtyInspector.cs:47)
UnityEditor.UIElements.InspectorElement+<>c__DisplayClass59_0.b__0 () (at :0)
UnityEngine.GUIUtility:ProcessEvent(Int32, IntPtr, Boolean&)

My Setup:

- Unity 2020.3.33f1 LTS ( this also occures at the newest released Unity 2021.3 LTS Version )

- an empty Project

What did i try?

- Scripting Define Symbols are set

- the "game4automation -> apply standard settings" doesnt change anything

- deleting the current Version of NaughtyAttributes in the folder "Assets/game4automation/private/Tools" and importing the current release of NaughtyAttributes of github to the project

Everything is working as expected in old LTS Versions, like Unity 2020.3.19.

Support vor 2 Monaten

Hi, thanks for the feedback. So it seems that it was indeed a Unity bug.