No Mutex PLCSim Advanced Interface proble

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we are using the PLCSim Advanced Interface.

We can Import the PLCSignals without any Troubles:

The first time that we start the simulation in Unity everything is working fine (COM OK).

But after we stop the unity editor and try to start again, we get “No Mutex”... so no communication is established between the plc and Unity.

We found out that creating a new PLC Instance and re-importing the signals “fix the error”... but just for the first run. Then we have to repeat the process of creating a new PLC again and again...

Could be some background process blocking the communication? Thank you in advance.


Hi Pablo,

thanks - I will send you a beta today or tomorrow. Maybe you can check with the beta if the problem still occurs. 

Best regards


Hello Thomas,

We are glad to hear that. We are looking forward to the beta so that we can test this issue thoroughly and see if it has been resolved.

We'll be in touch

Kind regards