Release Notes

Version 2019.04 -  20. August 2020 (Game4Automation Professional, CADLink)

CADLink 3mf export now supports big meshes with more than 65.000 vertices

CAM continuous function for driving e.g. chains with CAMS

CAMTime can be started at the end of another CAMTime

Version 2019.03 - 12. August 2020 (Game4Automation Professional, Starter, OPCUA)

New Version numbering now with Unity Base Version (2019) in front of our Version number.

Please upgrade to Unity 2019.4 LTS!

Better stability and automatic reconnecting for all interfaces (Shared Memory, OPCUA, TwinCAT, Sz-TCPIP)

Integrated First Person View in Runtime UI (

New standard switch to enable or disable components and for switch between Simulation Mode and Virtual Commissioning mode (

Version 2019.01 - 07. July 2020 (Game4Automation Professional, Starter)

New Version numbering now with Unity Base Version (2019) in front of our Version number.

Please upgrade to Unity 2019.4 LTS!

New RoboDK Interface (

OPCUA bugfixes improvement

New ABB Robotstudio OPCUA Demo scene (

Chain Systems

Version 1.036  - 07. June 2020 (Game4Automation Professional, Standard, CADLink)

Bugfix CADLink import (recalculated Mesh Bounds)

New Function for PIXYZ based Update of large CAD Data (see

PartChanger for changing visual appearance of CAD files (see

Bugfixes PLCSIMAdvanced Interface

Bugfixes Sensor and Grip

New function Prefixes in Groups

Version 1.034 - 14. February 2020 (Game4Automation Professional & Starter)

New function for motion axis CAM - see, and on Youtube

New tool for checking CAD imported meshes CADChecker (only Professional) - see

New tool for selecting and grouping components SelectionWindow (only Professional) - see

Version 1.033 - 08. January 2020 (Game4Automation Professional &Starter)

Bugfix Follow Parent option in Transportsurfaces

Removed Interact message on simulation startup

Please remove \Assets\game4automation\private\Editor\QuickToggle folder when upgrading from Version 1.031 and below!

Version 1.032 - 18. December 2019 (Game4Automation Professional & Starter)

Bugfix TwinCAT Interface (crash when starting multiple times)

Bugfix Interact when importing

Version 1.031 - 17. December 2019 (Game4Automation Professional & Starter)

New Icons in HierarchyView and HierarchyView Performance Improvement

Performance Improvement Transportsurfaces

New Kinematic and Group Functions

(see Documentation, and Youtube Tutorial:

Interact Integration (Interact is an optional module for Game4Automation)


Version 1.030 - 22. November 2019 (Game4Automation Professional & Starter)

Added new radial Transportsurfaces. Transportsurface is getting radial as soon as you select RotationX,RotationY or RotationZ as direction. The center point of the rotation needs to be in the local coordinate system zero. 

Changed calculated deltatime in Drives and Transportsurfaces to fixedtimeDelta for better accuracy.

Version 1.029 - 19. November 2019 

Signals are now displaying if they are connected to a behavior model or not. If not, the signal values are displayed like that: "(SignalValue)"

Each Signal now has information about its connections to behavior models. In the section "Signal Connection Info" the Behavior model and the connection is displayed to which the signal is connected: 

Version 1.028 - 15. November 2019 - Bugfix TwinCAT Interface

Bugfix Error Drive directions and Drive handles in rotated assemblies

Version 1.027 - 14. November 2019 - Bugfix winCAT Interface

Bugfix read of signals (sometimes not all signals where transfered in one cycle together)

Version 1.026 - 5. November 2019 - Bugfixes

Bugfix in TwinCAT ADS typecasts
Bugfix in OPCUA typecasts
Better OPCUA4Unity and Game4Automation integration

Version 1.025 - 31. October 2019 - TwinCAT
Beckhoff TwinCAT Interface integrated - see in Youtube

Drive Positions are now also working correctly if parent GameObjects are scaled. Position are always relative in millimeters, no matter how the scaling of the GameObject itself is. 

Version 1.024 - 25. October 2019 - Bugfixes

 Problem with space in path name for parts4cad fixed (

Problem with rotational drive in combination with prismatic fixed (

Full application, including OPCUA, now compiles again with .Net4.0 settings and Mono or ILCPP: 

You can find older release notes here:

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