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No currently the animation on the webpage is not included with our delivery. In about 2 weeks from now on in our next release we will have an inverse kinematic included in realvirtual.io with 2 examples of two moving robots (ABB and Stäubli).

I have seen that some picutre links are broken in our documentation. We will try to fix this.

It is important that there are no empty not defined memroy regions in the shared memory. If needed you could use empty signals which you are not using. For signals that should be matched there is a naming convention. Please also check here ABB help as well as the video below.

could it have to do with some non english letters in the symbol naming. I know that this problem exists and we need to fix it in one of the next releases.

Hallo, ich selbst bin im Urlaub und meinen Kollegin kennt sich mit der Schnittstelle nicht aus - es geht daher leider erst ab dem 16.08.


meines Wissens war es eine Controllogix Steuerung. Wir können ab nächsten Dienstag eine Teamviewer Sitzung machen, so dass ich auf Ihrem Rechner mit Ihrer PLC debuggen kann. 


Hello Bo,

sorry, but within your scene the prefab data is missing. (e.g. meshes etc.). Please put your scene and the prefabs incl their data in one folder and export it as an unity package. Thanks.

Hi Bo, just downloaded it but I am doing very hard to see where I can check your problems. Could you prepare a very simple separated scene which shows directly your problem when starting it in Play mode? 

I am (from tomorrow on) for 10 days in vacation. Is there a chance that we can test and debug it on our computers?

Leider nein, da wir keine AB Steuerung selbst haben waren wir bis jetzt auf den (erfolgreichen) Test eines Kunden angewiesen. Der Kunde hat berichtet dass es funktioniert. Hat die Firewall ein Protokoll?

Thanks for your information. Should be fixed now.