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Hi Bo, can you send an example project with just one scene in where we can debug the issue?

Hi Bo, based on your picture it is not totally clear to me. In general physics and colliders is not always behaving like reality so very often some simply dummy colliders (best for performance is box colliders) are needed.

In Professional, inverse kinematics for robots is included. You can also use an external tool like RobotDK or ABBRobotStudio to move the robot. These interfaces are also included only in the Professional version. The Starter version does not include a solution for inverse kinematics - not even the ABB RobotStudio or RobotDK interfaces. For this reason, we used Unity animations to set the robot in motion for the generic demo model. However, this is a relatively inconvenient task to move all axes to reach a certain position.

@Brian: Did you also made the changes in SceneMouseNavigation.cs as described below?

Hi Adam, yes please, if you have a solution or know an alternative library, please mail what you can share to Thanks a lot.

Please check the demo model or this demo which shows several ways for gripping parts: Assets/game4automation/Scenes/DemoGripping.unity

To make the conveyor stop you can use a script (you need to check the property occupied of the sensor and you can stop the drive by Drive.JogForward = false.

Or you can use Unitys Visual Scripting:

Another possiblity (only with Professional Version) is to use LogicSteps:

You can stop the Conveyor (in a script or by using visual scripting) as soon as Drive.CurrentPosition is greater than a certain value.

I changed some things in our code - it's certain that the certificates didn't work after switching to LibUA- but I still have the problem to generate a working certificate. See the posts here:

So for now, I don't have a solution. If you want, you can test it yourself and I'll give you the beta version where I still get the missing CRT message.

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Solution is to delete the folder


and to change in the Script SceneMouseNavigationCs the following compile swith at the top and at the end of the script:


against this:

#if (UNITY_EDITOR_WIN || UNITY_STANDALONE_WIN)                    

This will exclude Space Navigator from being used by non Windows Systems.

After doing this you need to select manually again (because automatic installation script was not started due to the compile error) Apply Standard Settings:

Will be changed in the next release.

yes today 17:00 CET is fine. Yes I have Zoom - please send an invitation to