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Leider sind wir keine AB Experten. Wir nutzen das Framwork libplctag - dort ist Path als Verbindungsparameter notwendig.


This seems to be a bug related to certificates or / and User Login. Is there any chance that we can test / debug with your OPCUA server?

Hi Bo, no we are missing all the colliders and meshes if you just send the prefab without dependencies.

Best would be that you zip your whole example project (before please delete the Library folder). After this you could upload here:


I am not sure if this proposal is in general the way to go.

@Preliy: Can you please exlain a little bit more or send us an example project.

ah yes right - did you compared with the demo model - did you see any differences. If you don't find the issue you might need to send us the model and I can check.

This is due to some Unity limitations - combining physical movements (transport surface) and kinematic movements (axis) is a problem. Please check example scene Assets/game4automation/Scenes/TurningAndLiftingTransportSurface.unity

Basically the TransportSurface should not be a child of the kinematic movements - it needs to be separated but the parent drive needs to be referenced in the TransportSurface

Hi, this issue is not known from our side. Are you sure that you are not overwriting I0.0 from somewhere else?

Currently we don't have an official Winmod interface, we have something in development but we won't be able to test it (we don't have winmod licenses). If you would like to test it and can check  it (and change if needed the code) we can provide you with the current status of our Winmod implementation. It is ready but for sure there are bugs in.

The Unity editor is not recognizing your changes which you are doing in the script. You should use the function sin your code with your adding functions. There you should use EditorUtility.SetDirty(this)

You need to SetDirty the component script. It seems that you set dirty in the script above the value Forward instead of the component itself.