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You seem to be in editor view. The UI can be disabled by 

- deleting everything under game4automation (what will delete totally the UI out of the project)

- or by deselecting the Layer

In Game mode you can deactivate the full UI deselecting this option:

Yes you can do that over OPCUA (included in Game4Automation Professional). With OPCUA you can transfer the values to the Beckhoff PLC.

In 1-2 months Game4Automation Professional will include also a direct ADS Interface. We are currently developing it.

Hi, we will release (tomorrow) a new version. Pleae check the current beta (I will send you a downloadlink) if it resolves your issue. If not please send us your project.

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is your problem solved?

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I am sending you via email a link to the current beta asset!

Please try using this OPCUA_Node.cs. 


I am currently preparing a new release and everything should be fine there.

I hope that the script is helping you.

Yes, if you switch the target device you need to add the DEFINES to the scripting define  symbols:

Alternatively you can - after switching the target defive - again push on Apply Standard Settings:

If all this does not works for you please send me an example.We will get it work ;-)

And if this does not helps please send a link to with a  download of a model where we can test and see your problems