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yes, Automation ML is on the roadmap but not with high priority for some reasons:

You are right the Parts4Cad is currently using Collada. We tried also AML with Parts4Cad but if you look into it all AML files we tested did not have any kinematics inside. It was more or less just an AML container for a static 3D Collada file and this does not help a lot.

Another reason for the low priority is that we don't have a real use case where a customer has a standard CAD or simulation solution exporting AML files. In my experience, standard engineering tools that can export a standard AML are still missing. I know that the big OEMs have some own AML exporter from NX or Catia. Do you have got a real use case?

But still, AML is on the roadmap, most probably it will be available in the second half of next year.

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I am closing this ticket because we could not reproduce it.

For anyone experiencing similar issues.

Problem was that the compile settings were not set correctly:


, that collision layers were not set correctly:


and that Prostprocessing was not included in the Assembly Definitions:



Hi, I can't reproduce the problem. My builds work as expected both Mono and ILCPP.

To reproduce it, it would be necessary for you to send us your project? If needed I could sign an NDA.

Which Android Version are you building to? Are you using Mono or ILCPP? Are you using .Net20 compatibiltiy?

Did you build with IL2CPP. Could you try to use Mono?

I have send you a download link with a new dll to try. Do you experience the same problem on a windows build?


will try to find a quick solution. Could you please tell me the Version of OPCUA4Unity you are using?



Hi Leevi,

please check the Youtube Video about TwinCAT. This should show you how to connect it.

It is hard to say what the problem is based on your description. If you send me your existing project I could check where the problem is. I will send you a link via email to upload.

It seems, that you need some basic Unity training. You could also purchase a support package and I will help you and train you via Zoom / Skype.

Best regards