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I am sending you via email a link to the current beta asset!

Please try using this OPCUA_Node.cs. 


I am currently preparing a new release and everything should be fine there.

I hope that the script is helping you.

Yes, if you switch the target device you need to add the DEFINES to the scripting define  symbols:

Alternatively you can - after switching the target defive - again push on Apply Standard Settings:

If all this does not works for you please send me an example.We will get it work ;-)

And if this does not helps please send a link to info@game4automation.com with a  download of a model where we can test and see your problems

Hi, I checked and it should work.
Did you checked Subscribe Value in the OPCUA_Node to on (see picture of my test scene)?

I also attach my test scene and you can check if the UaCPPServer yourself:


And yes it works correctly on VR Headsets (because it still runs on normal windows). The issue is that OPCUA currently just don't compiles with Hololens as destination device. 

Hi, sorry I have still no idea. We have about 40 downloads a month and no similar problems with other users. 

Please try to put the following command file into your Streaming Assets folder (Assets/StreamingAssets/parts4cad)


Now try to start it by douple clicking on it with the windows exporer. Do you see any error messages. Is the cadenas client opening?

Best regards


Hi, for writing per code directly to the OPCUA server I would recommend to do it using the OPCUA nodes ike described down here:


If should also work like you described. Do you have a simple model to check what you did? If not I will build a demo myself tomorrow.

Hi Dat,

I uploaded Version 1.020 to Unity's Asset Store. This should fix the problems. You can now use pure .Net4.0 projects. Also CADLink is now able to compile wit .Net4.0 settings.

It will be availabe latest on Monday on the store.


I tested your upload and Parts4Cad is working and the client is starting. I used exactly your uploaded project. Are you using a Windows machine. Parts4Cad client is only working on windows. Do you have any special security settings?