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It is licensed on a purchase per set basis. Updates are included through the Unity Asset Store. We never tested it, but I am pretty shure that WebGL will not work. We are no planning extra effort to support WebGL.

No sorry, there is no trial. We can refund if there are reasons why it is not working for you.

It is now integrated - should be available soon in the 1.008 release in the Asset Store - Available most probably tomorrow

I have found the problem. It will be included in the next release. I will send you a patch via mail!

No currently this is not implemented - will be possible in the next release (latest end of this month)


what do you mean you can't read all nodes. Reading all nodes takes some time if there are a lot of variables on the OPCUA server because it is not multithreaded imported (we will change that soon). This is why it is usually better to only import the subnode which is really needed.

For the problem with your variable, the problem seems to be the type (the type is Variable - but it should be Int64). I need to check what the reason ist. 

Can you please try to read the variable directly in code (without having the node as a gameobject) by doing like this:

float myvar = (float)Interface.ReadNodeValue(NodeId);