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first of all I strongly recommend to use Unity 2018.4 instead of 2019. Specially when compiling to the Build with an IL2CPP compiler there might be issues with Unity 2019.

There is something interfering with the demo use cases (need still to check what exactly). 

Please follow these steps:

- Make sure that the compiler defines are set to GAME4AUTOMATION; GAME4AUTOMATION_PROFESSIONAL 

Import while running the OPCUA server the nodes again. If you have enabled with the Compiler defines the full framework it will also create all PLCInputs and Outputs:

If you try now to run it you will get errors:

These errors are because the demo server is limited in subscriptions.

You need to turn off all subscriptions in the OPCUA nodes or you turn it off in the OPCUA interface and import again:

Please also delete the Use Cases completely (we will get rid of the problem with the use cases in the next release).

Now it should work as expected:

You find also the full working model (based on Unity2018.4) in the Uploadfoalder I have send you via mail.

You seem to be in editor view. The UI can be disabled by 

- deleting everything under game4automation (what will delete totally the UI out of the project)

- or by deselecting the Layer

In Game mode you can deactivate the full UI deselecting this option:

Yes you can do that over OPCUA (included in Game4Automation Professional). With OPCUA you can transfer the values to the Beckhoff PLC.

In 1-2 months Game4Automation Professional will include also a direct ADS Interface. We are currently developing it.

Hi, we will release (tomorrow) a new version. Pleae check the current beta (I will send you a downloadlink) if it resolves your issue. If not please send us your project.

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is your problem solved?

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I am sending you via email a link to the current beta asset!

Please try using this OPCUA_Node.cs. 


I am currently preparing a new release and everything should be fine there.

I hope that the script is helping you.

Yes, if you switch the target device you need to add the DEFINES to the scripting define  symbols:

Alternatively you can - after switching the target defive - again push on Apply Standard Settings:

If all this does not works for you please send me an example.We will get it work ;-)