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Yes, there is a bidirectional communication between the PLC and the Digital Twin in Unity. You can read PLC Outputs and write PLC Inputs.

Difference between Starter and Professional Version are the Interfaces - in Starter only TCP-IP with S7 in Professional additional Shared Memory (Simit), OPC-UA and PLCSimAdvanced. Professional also includes CAD interface. Starter not.



Thanks for the positive feedback. Please give us a review in the Asset Store if you like it.

You have both options. Subscribe in code or use the imported child nodes for accessing the values.

Usually the subscription gets null if the server is not reachable. Some servers are also limiting the number of subscriptions - maybe this is the case on your server. Do you see anything in the console log?

Hi, we tested it also with android and it shoudl workl.

Are you compiling with ILCPP and are you having .Net20 compatibility turned on. Are you allowing Internet Access for your Android Device?


Please give us a good review in the Asset store if you like it!

It is licensed on a purchase per set basis. Updates are included through the Unity Asset Store. We never tested it, but I am pretty shure that WebGL will not work. We are no planning extra effort to support WebGL.

No sorry, there is no trial. We can refund if there are reasons why it is not working for you.

It is now integrated - should be available soon in the 1.008 release in the Asset Store - Available most probably tomorrow