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Will need to ckeck. Are you able to share your server for testing ?

I am talking about the game4automation version - not the Unity version.

It seems that you used our version (game4automation asset)

"game4automation-Professional-2020.16-beta-1123.unitypackage" from our downloadpage - this is where I can see the bug.

You should use "game4automation-Professional-2020.15.unitypackage" from our downloadpage (or our official Unity Asset Store Release).

I see, you seem to use latest beta - which has a bug and is not working without Cinemachine - please use the latest official release (2020.15).

... and yes, if you start a new project each time you need first to integrate Game4Automation.

It seems, that the wrong Scripting Define Symbols are defined. Currently I don't know why this happens in your project. Please change to this setting ("Cinemachine" should not be included):

It is hard to say what your problem is - everything should work out the box. Can you send your project with a description where the problem occurs and I will directly check in your projet.

So updating NaughtyAttributes did not changed anything?

It seems to be related to NaughtyAttributes reorderable list. If you add empty entries into the list like this the error is gone away:

We don't know yet, if it is a bug in Unity 2020.3.33 or if it is a bug in NaughtyAttributes. We will keep an eye on it - check it with the next LTS release - and fix it as soon as there is a solution.

Game4Automation is using the old input system and it should work out off the box in an empty project. You don't need to add anything else - besides game4automation into your scene. Please check if your project settings are like this - specially active input handling and scripting define symbols: