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for which PLCs do you need modbus?  I just did a quick research about Modbus and there seems to be c#.net libraries available. How to you get the assignment to Real, Byte or Integer Values in Modbus. Is there a standard for defining and importing signal lists?

In Europe we don't have much PLCs which are using Modbus so I don't know anything about it so far.

If we would have a partner / tester we could easily implement that to Game4Automation Professional. Are you interested? Which PLCs could you use for testing the Beta?

If you wish to help us please send an email to info@game4automation.com. Thanks.


Hi Jacob,

we implemented it in our Unity2019.4 LTS beta. Do you want to test it. Your project must be on 2019. Now one subscription can handle multiple values. What I remarked was that OPCUA server might be slower with to much subscriptions.

For sending you a beta I will need your Unity Invoice Number - and a good rating in the Asset Store if it works ;-)

Best regards



currently this is not supported but I checked the OPCUA documentation and technically this is possible. We will add this feature to the next release (in about 1 month). Until we implemented that, you will need to poll or reduce the number of subscriptions.

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 AML  is now planned, based on a Research Project, on January 2021.

You are welcome, please give us a good rating in the Unity asset store if you are happy with our solution - thanks!

Did you configured it on the PLC side like described in the document below:

No we don't send out pulses so far on a drive. But it should be simple to add. I only see a problem if drive is to fast. Pulses could be needed faster than communication cycle is.

Hi, we have no tutorial about that.Even if Unity 2019 is not officially supported yet, you should be able to get it running. What is your problem. What kind of error messages do you have?

Hi, what is your problem. What kind of error messages do you have?

Hi OPCUA4Unity and Game4Automation will support Unity2019 officially as soon as there is a LTS release for 2019 available.

But it already works with 2019 unofficially - we just don't support if there are special problems.