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You could loop through all Signal objects in a script each FixedUpdate and read Signal.Value for saving it to whatever format you would like.

Hi, we are not able to support Hololens and we stopped support for it. We can refund you the money if you would like. I am sorry but we were not able to get the 3rd party DLLs running on UWP as needed.

Hi Toni,

the Beta version which should fix your problem with the build is available on our download page. Please note, that OPCUA works only on Windows and Android (Android only Mono).

The Upgrade Message is always there - if you can use and add OPCUA and other Professional features you are having the professional version. Will let you know when the Beta is available. B

I assume you are using latest version. There hast been some issues with the latest OPCUA dlls we are using and the compilation to a game. There will be soon a new release of G4A professional whichshould solve this issue. If you wish I could provide you a beta Tuesday next week which should solve this issue.


Hello, you are right. I will fix this in the next release! Thanks,


writing to DBs is described here and it should be possible what you like to do:

I think it should be DB43.DBX145.0

G4A itself for sure not duplicates classes. Currently I don't know why this happens. Please delete the duplicated classes.

Hi Dat, I just checked. Objects wich are colliding with the Sensor must alway have the MU script on the same or in a level above the collider. This is the planned behaviour. I don't know in what combinatione exactly your problem comes up. Can you send me a simple example?

Hi Martin,

I will check to replace my Newtonsoft.Json against the Newtonsoft.Json you proposed.

I did not tested with the Hololens emulator. All I know currently is, that it seems that the connect must be done for Hololens in a parallel thread because the connect in the main thread will stop the Hololens to work. I am not having any more an Hololens to test but I have an intermediate solution for a connect in a parallel thread.

I could imagine to give you my current beta unprotected and you can check it with your Hololens. But we would need to have some kind of agreement. Are you interested? If yes we should talk via phone. You should have my phone number.

Best regards