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OK,thank you very much,I will try it later。

Hello Thomas,I move the I address from 0.0 to 100.0 then I can write I0.0 value and cannot write I100.0 value,but I don't need use I100.0,thank you。

Thank you Thomas,I will try it。

Hello,Thomas,I want to use PLCSIM and NetToPLCSIM connect unity because it support S7-1200CPU without real PLC,witch Interface should I use?PLCSIMADV or S7Interface?Should I set something in Portal or unity?Thank you!

Hello,I want to use PLCSIM connect unity because it support S7-1200CPU without real PLC,witch Interface should I use?PLCSIMADV or S7Interface?Should I set something in Portal or unity?Thank you!

Hello Preliy,How can I get or buy this asset?

Hello,how can I get the asset?

Hello Murdemon,Thank you for providing such videos。It seems need code,but I don't know about C# or any else code,I use playmaker plugin to develop。I am thinking a robot plugin that I just move or rotate the endpoint,6 axises auto IK their rotation after I setup the limit,but I don't find such plugin。

Thank you Thomas,I am using RoboDK to animate My Robot Model in

Unity,but I can't control Robot in Unity and 40 Students learning needs 40 RoboDK licenses,I want to use a plugin in Unity can move rotate like in your Interact video。Or will you develop plugin like this in future?