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Yes that solve the problem, thank you andcosta!!


It didn't work I double click it in the windows explorer and no errors.

I understand, probably I will format my computer and try it again.

Thank you Thomas.

Yeah I see that works.

I don't use a virtual machine, I use windows 10 and this is the version:

I don't use an antivirus or something like that and my windows firewall is like this:

Do you think that besides installing the Game4Automation parts4cad from the asset store of unity I need to install another software or plugin before? 

Also thank you for testing my program.

Thank you Thomas I already uploaded.


I love to see parts4cad work in my computer it will save me a lot of time, I think is a great tool like game4automation also. Thank you for doing this software!

Sorry I think probably I'm missing something. I already installed in other laptop and I have the same problem.

I already see that you have a video of how you can interact with parts4cad, and it would be kind silly asking this, but could be possible to see a video of how you installed?


Hi Thomas,

I already try the Parts4Cad in a new empty project without Game4Automation in Unity version 2019.1.12f1, 2018.4.8f1 and 2018.3.10f1, with no antivirus, just 1 screen, just the Unity open, waiting 15 minutes if it will open and still don't work.

Here is a screenshot.

Where can I send you my project?

P. S. The size of the project is big after I download the parts4cad to the project (1.10 GB)