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Thanks for the answer. We are mostly a research focused facility and exploring new concepts and trends in the industry, also
working with partners. If you are interested, it might be possible to have some more information exchange in the future.

I sent you the project file along with the open62541 server that I compiled from an XML. The server contains 3 test variables.

I am pretty sure that it worked before v1.026, but with newer versions the subscribed values can only be updated manually.

Well, now it won't automatically update the subscribed values anymore (manual "Update Node" button still works) since version 1.025 or 1.026

I now tested with open62541, a opcua server implemented in C, and it seems to work.

I set it up for testing purposes only, but I guess I will try with other OPC UA server implementations then. Thanks

I have the same problem. I can connect to the UaCPPServer Demo and import nodes, but not with my own server which I created with FreeOpcUa Modeler (other clients work)

I attached my FreeOpcUa test server:


The compiler defines seem to have fixed the problem (tried this before, but didn't notice they weren't saved). It also seems to work with Unity 2019.2.9f1 just fine. So, thanks a lot for the swift support!

It didn't work with that version either. With this beta version there is a new error appearing in the console when I open and run DemoOPCUA.unity (which wasn't there before): "game4automation: No Game4AutomationController found - Game4AutomationController Script needs to be once inside every Game4Automation Scene: Float (game4automation.PLCOutputFloat)".

It disappears when I add the Game4Automation Component to the scene, but the initial problem is still there.


I sent you the project via mail.