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I now tested with open62541, a opcua server implemented in C, and it seems to work.

I set it up for testing purposes only, but I guess I will try with other OPC UA server implementations then. Thanks

I have the same problem. I can connect to the UaCPPServer Demo and import nodes, but not with my own server which I created with FreeOpcUa Modeler (other clients work)

I attached my FreeOpcUa test server:


The compiler defines seem to have fixed the problem (tried this before, but didn't notice they weren't saved). It also seems to work with Unity 2019.2.9f1 just fine. So, thanks a lot for the swift support!

It didn't work with that version either. With this beta version there is a new error appearing in the console when I open and run DemoOPCUA.unity (which wasn't there before): "game4automation: No Game4AutomationController found - Game4AutomationController Script needs to be once inside every Game4Automation Scene: Float (game4automation.PLCOutputFloat)".

It disappears when I add the Game4Automation Component to the scene, but the initial problem is still there.


I sent you the project via mail.